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Hello & Welcome to Lj Latex

All Lj Latex clothing is "Fully Tailored" and designed to the Highest Quality
with care taken to every little detail.
All my items are
Totally Fitted unlike some companies whom make Non-fitted.

I have over 17 years Professional Experience in making & designing tailored
clothes to the highest standards.   Any Design you have - can be made.  I make
items for the
fetish scene, special party events, club events, comic heroes and
I have also supplied to
Fox Television Network.

The quality of your next latex garment is only as good as the maker, pattern,
material used, and most importantly the
Passion & Interest in making the item...!
An important fact to remember, when purchasing your next item!
And I LOVE my latex..!

"A Woman cannot have too much latex nor high heels , and I love wearing both
- Jane xx"

"Reasons why to use LJ Latex"

"Last Updated  5th February 2015"  -  New Items Added 4th Janaury
I Specialise in Unique - "One Off Designs".
Most of my items are Made to Order - the clothes shown are just a small
selection of my most popular items!
Any design you wish for - can be made, so always feel free to ask?
Lj Clubwear is the registered owner of this site
Customer Promise:.
Most Companies these days are only interested in making a quick sale.  My aim is
to provide superior - high quality Latex items and a first class courteous service
to ALL my customers.  I believe that
EVERY customer should be given choice,
Professional Quality , and most importantly a second to none customer service.
Passion is my Hobby -its not just a business!